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About Us...

Books, books, books – we love reading them, talking about them, shelving them and it has to be said, on occasion, sniffing them!
We aim to be at the very centre of our very special book-loving community and are ready to welcome people to Cornwall from all around the world.

Whether you are into literary blockbusters, cult classics, holiday reads or inspirational coffee-table tomes we have it all.
Many of our books are discounted and we operate a loyalty card scheme for regular customers.

Email us with any book orders or browse our shop at

What's in a Name...

We are often asked why we are called The Edge of the World Bookshop. When we were thinking up a name to conjure our dream bookshop we wanted something quirky and memorable but also a name that reflected the journey a book can take you on.

Books can transport you into other people’s lives, to the other side of the world and to places that don’t exist except in the imagination. As you cross the bookshop doorstep or enter our virtual bookshop, we’ll let you decide which edge of which world you find yourself in.

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