Wild Silence

by Raynor Winn


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Sequel to the Salt Path, The Edgy Books bestseller for the last three years,

About this book:

The incredible follow-up to one of the most talked about books of the decade – the phenomenon, The Sunday Times bestselling The Salt Path.

Nature holds the answers for Raynor and her husband Moth. After walking 630 homeless miles along The Salt Path, living on the windswept and wild English coastline; the cliffs, the sky and the chalky earth now feel like their home.

Moth has a terminal diagnosis, but against all medical odds, he seems revitalized in nature. Together on the wild coastal path, with their feet firmly rooted outdoors, they discover that anything is possible. Now, life beyond The Salt Path awaits and they come back to four walls, but the sense of home is illusive and returning to normality is proving difficult – until an incredible gesture by someone who reads their story changes everything.

A chance to breathe life back into a beautiful farmhouse nestled deep in the Cornish hills; rewilding the land and returning nature to its hedgerows becomes their saving grace and their new path to follow. The Wild Silence is a story of hope triumphing over despair, of lifelong love prevailing over everything. It is a luminous account of the human spirit’s instinctive connection to nature, and how vital it is for us all.

Praise for The Salt Path

‘An astonishing narrative of two people dragging themselves from the depths of despair along some of the most dramatic landscapes in the country, looking for a solution to their problems and ultimately finding themselves’

‘This is what you need right now to muster hope and resilience . . .a beautiful story and a reminder that humans can endure adversity’

‘The landscape is magical: shapeshifting seas and smugglers’ coves; myriads of sea birds and mauve skies. Raynor writes exquisitely. . . it’s a tale of triumph; of hope over despair, of love over everything’
The Sunday Times on The Salt Path

‘The Salt Path is a life-affirming tale of enduring love that smells of the sea and tastes of a rich life. With beautiful, immersive writing, it is a story heart-achingly and beautifully told’
Jackie Morris, illustrator of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane

‘Raynor Winn has written a brilliant, powerful and touching account of her life before and after The Salt Path, which, like her astonishing debut, will connect with anyone who has triumphed over adversity’
Stephen Moss, author and naturalist

‘A beautiful, luminous and magical piece of writing’
Rachel Joyce, author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

‘The Wild Silence confirms Raynor as a natural and extremely talented writer with an incredible way with words. This books gives us all what we wanted to know at the end of The Salt Path which is what happened next. So moving, it made me cry… repeatedly’
Sophie Raworth, BBC


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