Trouble on the Farm

by Chris Higgins


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Cows at a wedding!

About this book:

Another fun-filled first novel from Penzance-based author Chris Higgins.

Bella is going to visit a farm! Tom and Kizzy have invited her to spend the day at their place. She’ll get to meet the cows, play with Fetch the dog, see the big red tractor and pick raspberries with her new friends. But at the last minute, someone else comes to the farm too – Magda! Before she knows it, Bella’s visit turns into a tractor-crash involving runaway farm animals, too many pasties, an unexpected wedding and lots and lots of cow poo!

With laugh-out-loud funny writing by Chris Higgins and delightful illustrations by the award-winning Emily MacKenzie, this series is perfect for fans of Kes Gray’s Daisy books.

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