The Storm

by Amanda Jennings


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Cornwall at it’s chilling and atmospheric best

About this book:

To the outside world Hannah married the perfect man. Behind the closed doors of their imposing home it’s a very different story. Nathan controls everything Hannah does. He chooses her clothes, checks her receipts, and keeps her passport locked away. But why does she let him?

Years before, in the midst of a relentless storm, the tragic events of one night changed everything. And Hannah has been living with the consequences ever since. Keeping Nathan happy. Doing as she’s told. But the past is about to catch up with them.

Set against the unforgiving backdrop of a Cornish fishing port in the ’90s, this is a devastating exploration of the power of coercive control in a marriage where nothing is quite as it seems…

‘Beautifully written, chilling and absorbing’
Adele Parks

‘Her best novel yet. This twisty, malevolent and gripping story of a controlling husband and his oddly compliant wife was virtually impossible to put down.

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