The Seaweed Collector’s Handbook

by Miek Zwamborn


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‘This exquisite cultural and natural history evokes the joy I feel every time I look into a rock pool on a bright day.’
John Wright , author of the Forager’s Calendar

About this book:

Seaweed is so familiar and yet its names – pepper dulse, sea lettuce, bladderwrack – are largely unknown to us. In this short, exquisitely illustrated portrait, the Dutch poet and artist Miek Zwamborn shares her discoveries of its history, culture and use, from the Neolithic people of the Orkney Islands to sushi artisans in modern Japan. Seaweed troubled Columbus on his voyages across the Atlantic, intrigued von Humboldt in the Sargasso Sea and inspired artists from Hokusai to Matisse.

Covering seaweed’s collection by Victorians, its adoption into fashion and dance and its potential for combating climate change, and with a fabulous series of recipes based around the ‘truffles of the sea’, this is a wonderful gift for every nature lover’s home.

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