The Joyful Environmentalist: How to Practice Without Preaching

by Isabel Losada


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“This is the joy we need in our lives.”
George Monbiot

About this book:

Finally! A book about saving our planet that is fast, funny and inspiring too. Written in short chapters for busy people, Isabel doesn’t bother with an examination of the problem but gets right on with the solutions.

Her aim: to look for every single way we can take care of the planet; how we live and work, travel, shop, eat, drink, dress, vote, play, volunteer, bank – everything. And to do this wholeheartedly, energetically and joyfully.Beginning with losing her cool in a restaurant that will only provide plastic cutlery, Isabel journeys through native tree planting in the Highlands of Scotland, playing Samba drums with Extinction Rebellion, interviewing in person the people that supply her energy and food – through every solution she can find – until both narrator and reader are fully equipped to be part of the pollution solution.

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“She gave my spirit a lift and my feet somewhere to stand.”
Sir Mark Rylance

“This book, practical and realistic as well as visionary, will keep that positive message before the reader’s eyes. Joy is after all one of the best motivations we can have for change.”
Dr Rowan Williams

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