The Institute

by Stephen King


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‘A Masterpiece’
Sunday Express

About this book:

NO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED FROM THE INSTITUTE. Luke Ellis, a super-smart twelve-year-old with an exceptional gift, is the latest in a long line of kids abducted and taken to a secret government facility, hidden deep in the forest in Maine. Here, kids with special talents – telekinesis and telepathy – like Luke’s new friends Kalisha, Nick and Iris, are subjected to a series of experiments.

There seems to be no hope of escape. Until Luke teams up with an even younger boy whose powers of telepathy are off the scale. Meanwhile, far away in a small town in South Carolina, former cop Tim Jamieson, looking for the quiet life, has taken a job working for the local sheriff.

He doesn’t know he’s about to take on the biggest case of his career . . .

THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY OUT. ‘An epic tale of childhood betrayal and hope regained… an immersive tale full of suspense and thrills that will keep readers up late at night racing towards a heartbreaking yet glorious finale…

‘A dazzling achievement’
Daily Express

‘It does everything you’d expect of a masterpiece – and it is one’
Sunday Express

‘Hums and crackles with delicious unease’

The Sunday Times

‘An absorbing thriller’
Mail on Sunday

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