Tales From The Loop

by Simon Stalenhag


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‘The hangover of an abandoned government scince programme. Dinosaurs show up too in this quiet war of multiple worlds.
The Guardian, The 10 Best Dystopias

About this book:

These are the tales of an extraordinary journey: from the small towns of Sweden to the deserts of Nevada to the bitter chill of Siberia. A journey where children make friends with abandoned robots…in a world where dinosaurs roam freely. These are the Tales from the Loop.

Stories told in both words and haunting illustrations, TALES FROM THE LOOP captures a not-too-distant reality that is both haunting and imminent: addressing the many ways developing technology and nature can create havoc and wonder in our world…and the hope we might still find in that future.

Perfect for fans of everything from STRANGER THINGS to JURASSIC PARK to JUMANJI, Tales from the Loop is an incredible, unmissable work of genius.


‘Tales has the magic. It’s got the robots, the weirdness, the dinosaurs. But most of all, it has the wonder. No one who picks this book up will be the same person when they put it down again’ ‘ No words to describe this novel in pictures. ‘Remarkable… beautiful’
US National Public Radio

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