Song of the Solitary Bass Fisher

by James Batty


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A wry and funny look at life and fishing

About this book:

James Batty seldom ventures further than about 20 miles from his Cornish home, west of Penzance. He fishes from the rocks and beaches in a handful of places and this is quite enough for him. For his quarry – the European bass – is a challenging one and you need to know exactly how it behaves, what it is feeding on and where it is likely to be lurking if you are to stand a chance of catching it.

Batty has been a dedicated specialist bass fisher for many years and he uses the tackle best suited to the conditions: fly, lure or bait. He fishes in the anti-social hours of dusk and dawn when the tide brings the big bass in close to the shore. And catch them he certainly does – often in surprisingly shallow water, close to his leaky boots. James Batty is a thoughtful, intelligent, amusing angler who writes with clarity and refreshing insight.

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