Murder Takes a Holiday

by Various


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Cosy crime in the sun.

About this book:

Murder Takes a Holiday: Classic Crime Stories for Summer

Whether you are in Cornwall to sit on a beach or are off for a trip abroad make sure you have this lovely collection in your suitcase.

For most of us, a summer holiday is an opportunity to escape from it all: to lounge on warm sands or sip a cool drink in the shade of a city square. But, as the characters in this murderously good collection of classic crime stories discover to their cost … trouble has a nasty habit of finding you out.

From a body found on a beach without a single footprint, to a lemonade stand whose wares appear to have been poisoned and a Wimbledon final ruined by the mysterious disappearance of the championship player, these tales of murder and malice will take you on the trip of a lifetime.

So pour that glass of Pimms, grab your sunhat and indulge your dark side: these stories will chill you to your very core, even in a heatwave …

Agent Running in the Field

John le Carre

The Cliff House

Amanda Jennings

Big Sky

Kate Atkinson

Heaven My Home

Attica Locke

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

Harper Lee