How to Be Really Annoying : Master the Art of Aggravation

by Lucinda Wilde


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Over 150 ways to master the art of being incredibly irritating

About this book:

In a world full of trivial annoyances and a slow, steady drip of irritations, it can be hard to find a way to stand out. We can all be irritating without trying, but in very minor ways.

To elevate your ability to be spectacularly annoying demands focus, courage, determination and creativity – this book will show you how. Commuting? Try standing on the left-hand side of the escalator on your way to work. Eating out? Always reject the first two tables offered, then change your mind and go back to one of them (preferably after ordering your food).

Flying? Wait until the person next to you has their tray table down and covered in food and drink before deciding you need to use the bathroom. Covering work, home life, relationships, birthdays, nights out and plenty more, this hilarious guide will leave you well equipped to annoy anyone and everyone, no matter what the occasion.

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