Hansel and Greta : A Fairy Tale Revolution

by Jeanette Winterson


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Jeanette Winterson retells ‘Hansel and Gretel’. A Fairy Tale Revolution is here to remix and revive our favourite stories

About this book:

‘Deep in the wood’

Greta lives with her brother Hansel on the edge of a great forest – a forest in danger of destruction.

GreedyGuts, their aunt, doesn’t appreciate Hansel and Greta’s plans to replant trees and save the forest. In fact, she thinks they’re horrible little vegetarians. GreedyGuts doesn’t give two hoots about nature.

She favours luxury and living it up: eating, shopping and partying hard. And so she hatches a plan to get rid of the meddling, do-gooder kids…deep in the wood.

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