Foraged Flower Arranging : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stunning Arrangements from Local, Wild Plants

by Rebekah Clark Moody


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50 projects and 50 final photos plus detailed step-by-step photos

About this book:

You don’t need to buy expensive cut flowers from a wholesaler to create stunning arrangements at home. With Foraged Flower Arranging, you can bring the organic beauty of nature into your home in ways you’ve never seen before. Go beyond a vase of plain tulip stems or a haphazard bunch of wildflowers in a jar with arrangements like Large-Scale Autumnal Arrangement featuring colourful leafy branches, and Lush Green Platter Arrangement with a beautiful flow of greens and white flowering vines.

Floral designer Rebekah Clark Moody teaches readers techniques to forage for local plants then arrange them in unique ways to preserve their wild shape. The result is easy, yet high-impact design with the modern and incredibly popular rustic, natural look. Displayyour arrangements in a vintage vase on a dining table, antique chest or foyer table to wow your family and friends for special occasions or stunning everyday decor.

The arrangements cover a wide variety of trees, flowers and plants, plus tips for adapting based on what you have available, making the book accessible to readers in all climates, ail year round. This book has 50 projects and 50 final photos plus detailed step-by-step photos.

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