Daisy and the Trouble with Nature

by Kes Grey


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Camping capers.

About this book:

The BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud new Daisy adventure, from bestselling author of the Oi Frog series, Kes Gray.
Here comes trouble!

Daisy and her class are so excited when their new school nature garden is unveiled. But the trouble with their nature garden is, there’s not very much nature in it. There are NO: Birds, Butterflies, Grizzly Bears or Wolverines. If there’s one thing Daisy HATES it’s waiting. Especially waiting for nature to appear. Luckily, she’s going camping with Gabby, and will find LOTS of nature to bring back. Only, the trouble with nature is, it’s really hard to control…

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“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”

Austin Phelps