A Song for the Dark Times

by Ian Rankin


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From the iconic Number One bestseller Ian Rankin, comes one of the must-read books of the year…

About this book:

‘He’s gone…’

When his daughter Samantha calls in the dead of night, John Rebus knows it’s not good news. Her husband has been missing for two days. Rebus fears the worst – and knows from his lifetime in the police that his daughter will be the prime suspect.

He wasn’t the best father – the job always came first – but now his daughter needs him more than ever. But is he going as a father or a detective?As he leaves at dawn to drive to the windswept coast – and a small town with big secrets – he wonders whether this might be the first time in his life where the truth is the one thing he doesn’t want to find…

‘Magnificent …utterly unputdownable and an immersive pleasure.’

This is Rankin at his best, Rebus at his best, storytelling that meets the moment and transcends all genres and expectations.’

An outstanding addition to one of the finest bodies of work in crime fiction.’

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“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Groucho Marx