A Boy Called Ocean

by Chris Higgins


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Sometimes you have to lose yourself, to find each other.

About this book:

Penzance-based author, Chris Higgins has produced a fantastic page-turner with a Boy Called Ocean’. highlighting the dangers of going to sea without telling anyone where you are.
One boy stranded at sea. One girl back on land. One ocean between them. The only thing willing him to survive is the thought of her. A romance with bite.Kai has always been best friends with Jen; ever since he and his mum moved to Cornwall when he was small. But now his feelings are deepening. It’s ridiculous to imagine Jen would feel the same, especially since she has been hanging out with surf-pro Macca, the guy everyone fancies.

Frustrated by his feelings, Kai makes a snap decision that will put his life in great danger. Stranded at sea, time is running out. With only his thoughts to occupy him, he must face some buried truths about his past. And confront his future with the girl back on shore, if he can reach it … if the ocean doesn’t take him first.

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Katya Balen, Angela Harding (Illustrator)

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“People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned.”

Saul Bellow