Signed copies of Tapas and Tears by Chris Higgins


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We have signed copies of all books by the lovely Chris Higgins, including Tapas and Tears and her other teen fiction novels. Order your copy today!

Jaime never wanted to go on the school exchange trip to Spain in the first place. She finds life awkward enough as it is and, because of her embarrassing blushing habit, she tries to avoid drawing attention to herself. Living in someone else’s home, and in a foreign country, is way out of her comfort zone! But she reluctantly has agreed to stay with the carefully selected and colourfully-named Concepci?n Inmaculada. After all, a girl named after the Virgin Mary has got to be quiet, kind and gentle …

Wrong! Concha is a scary, rebellious, boy-mad loner with a mind of her own. Jaime is going to have to be prepared for anything and everything! Ol?!

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